History Pack 1 Black Label (DE)

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Venture into the vaults of Rathe and discover the origins of Flesh and Blood with History Pack 1.

History Pack 1 contains many of the key cards from the first year of Flesh and Blood, curated into a single black border set. To celebrate the first printing of Flesh and Blood in German, we have crafted a limited edition Black Label version of History Pack 1, containing the fabled gems and a special version of the original heroes of Rathe.

History Pack 1 is an ideal product to welcome new players to the world of Rathe to join the rapidly growing Flesh and Blood international community. Pack contents: 1 rare or higher, 1 rare, 8 commons, for 10 cards total.

430 card set (3 Fabled, 9 Legendary, 62 Majestic, 118 Rares, 238 Commons)
Designed to give players joining the game access to key cards from Flesh and Blood's past.

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